Customer Testimonials

Every now and then, customers take the time to call or send us comments and suggestions about our products. Here are a few more recent excerpts.

“…The family owned ak-mak Bakeries is what America used to be all about, when customers were appreciated and respected. I hope and pray in the tradition of the Soojian family, ak-mak Bakeries continues to offer an unadulterated-sans chemicals- wholesome, delicious and nutritious products with fair value for the customers…” do you ak-mak?

– J.B. from Berkeley, CA

“I love your Sesame Crackers, also your cracker’s name and landscape picture of Armenian countryside with Mount Ararat on the background on back of the box...”

- S.S.A. from Glendale, CA

“…I do enjoy the crackers and appreciate your making them with organic flour. Thanks for making ak-mak crackers...” - M.S. from New Richmond, WI

“I had a pleasure enjoying ak-mak Sesame Cracker. It is a healthy and satisfying snack for everyone!!” - M.Y. from Bensenville, IL

“Thank you for ak-mak. I have been eating ak-mak regularly for over 40 years…thanks for the best cracker ever made – keep up the good work.” - J.K. from Fieldbrook, CA

“Recently tried your product and it is so Good! My Husband has to watch sodium intake and eat whole wheat. This fits perfect into his diet!” - M.C. from Sarasota, FL

“Thank you for your great product. Tastes so good. Keep up the good work!”

- C.H. from Port Orchard, WA

“Absolutely love the crackers and love the information on the back of the box. I am grateful for such a healthy product and thanks for such a reasonable price.” - C.M. from Huntersville, NC

“I am a long time customer (over 30 years) who loves your product. Your product is the only one out there like it. Love it!” - J.W. from Bothell, WA

“Thank you for a great product!” - N.B. from Franklin, N.C.

“Love your crackers! They are fantastic!!...”- P.M. from Mahwah, NJ

“I am a vegan and have been enjoying crackers for years…You’ve been sustaining my health for years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate good quality food and truly appreciate all the hands involved.” - R.L. from Escondido, CA

“Have been buying crackers for years and just love them. So delicious! Please don’t ever change the recipe.” - J.K. from Alexandria, VA

“I have been buying your crackers forever…Your crackers are so yummy and I’m addicted! They taste great with everything I put on them…” - J.C. from New York, NY

“I am 81 years old and don’t eat very much bread but these crackers are absolutely wonderful!” - V.W. from Topeka, KS

“I was recently introduced to your product and couldn’t be happier… They are absolutely lovely…” - J.S. from Washington, DC

“Wanted to give you positive feedback…your crackers are FANTASTIC! It’s so refreshing to read an ingredient list I can understand. Love all the information on the box.” - E.S. from Avon, CTdo you ak-mak?

“I was reading the box of ak-mak and noticed the phone number and wanted to call and let you know what a wonderful product you have! …I just had open heart surgery and my wife bought your crackers for me as a snack.” - A.T. from Melbourne, FL

“Really enjoy your product and wanted to let you know…” - F.S. from Yucca Valley, CA

“This is my first time buying your product, just loved it.” - B.T. from Foothill Ranch, CA

“Wanted you to know I think your product is really good. Taste great!” - P.G. from Somers, CT

“Found your crackers a couple of months ago and love them. They are the best of any crackers ever! I am telling everyone about them.” - E.S. from San Diego, CA

“Wonderful crackers! These are marvelous...” - N.M. from Chicago, IL

“Wanted you to know I love your crackers. My wife won’t buy any other crackers. We eat some each day.” - W.R. from Blue Bell, PA

“Today was my first time trying your product…very pleased. It’s a great quality, economically priced and delicious!” - D.J. from San Francisco, CA

“I have been eating these crackers for years…they are Phenomenal!” - P.S. from Bradley Beach, NJ

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