Customer Testimonials

Every now and then, customers take the time to call or send us comments and suggestions about our products. Here are a few more recent excerpts.

"My friend introduced me to crackers earlier this year and I have been eating them ever since. Thanks for making such a great product and don’t ever stop! Ak-mak has helped me lose 77+ pounds this year." - Elk Horn, IA

"Most Dear Soojian Family, Thank God for you guys! Just tried your ak-mak 100% whole wheat stone ground sesame crackers. The 1st whole wheat anything that I’ve had that tasted GOOD!" - Avalon, CA

"I wish that I would have discovered your “100% whole of the wheat” stone ground sesame cracker sooner than I did. They are the best and a big hit at a recent gathering we (husband) had at our home. The question of the night, “Kay, what kind of crackers are these”, “They are good!” The Food Guide Pyramid on your package is a keeper and your history is very interesting. Keep up the great job." - Conesus, NY

"I don’t often write letters to food companies, but your ak-mak 100% wheat sesame crackers are THE BEST CRACKERS, BY FAR, that I have ever eaten. And so good for you too! Thank you for creating such a fine product!" - Orneville, MEdo you ak-mak?

"I discovered 100% whole wheat stone ground sesame low fat crackers, several months ago. And got totally hooked on them." - San Antonio, TX

"I’m an 85 years old, health conscious grandmother. I just finished my first box of ak-mak 100% (whole wheat). I not only enjoyed it, I liked the box as well, the picturesque scene of the homestead of the history of the cracker bread ak-mak – thank you, a new addition to my diet." - Bethel Park, PA.

"Recently, I was diagnosed as being a diabetic. I’m having to change some of my eating habits. I had been looking for and complaining about not being able to find a good whole wheat cracker. I wanted something that tastes good and is good for me. The list of ingredients is one of the best “short lists” I’ve seen. These crackers are a delicious life saver. Keep up the good work." - San Diego, CA

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your stone – ground whole wheat sesame crackers. I discovered them and went into “withdrawals” when the store was out of them for a few weeks. Thank goodness they are in stock again. Congratulations on a great product." - Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for the 100% stone ground whole wheat sesame crackers. They are wonderful. Thank you too, for the Biblical basis for them." - Daytona Beach, FL

"Since a friend of mine introduced me to ak-mak sesame cracker I desired to write to you. I would like to congratulate the Soojian family for their fine product." - Palmdale, CA

"I have just finished yet another box of ak-mak crackers & have opened the next one. I’ve wanted to let you know for quite some time now how much I enjoy these crackers. I rarely eat bread now & these crackers are my “bread”. They are delicious. They are just “yummy”!!! And I thank you so much for producing them. Keep up the great work & I will keep buying them!! Thanks again." - Mount Vernon, WA

"I have been eating your crackers since I was a child, but only just recently have taken the time to read the back of your informative ak-mak package. I found this information about your Armenian cracker bread to be especially delightful." - Berkeley, CA

"In absolute truth, your cracker is the very best we’ve tried. Each time we visit friends we relate our delight with ak-mak, it’s the best. Our Australian visitor agrees and usually says, BOY! I wish we could get this cracker in OZ. Your product is Superb." - Surrey, BC, Canada

"I was inspired to tell the story of our 4th generation connection to several other family members at a meeting at which I also gave each a box of ak-mak. I expect you’ll have several new converts!" - New Paltz, NY

"Last night, I was having my ak-mak with tahini and ratatouille and noticed on the box that your family has been in business for 4 generations and I was inspired to write." - New Paltz, NYdo you ak-mak?

"I enjoy your crackers and buy them often." - Oakland, CA

" I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for the high quality, reasonably priced, delicious crackers that I enjoy daily. They are the only cracker that I’ve found which is high in fiber and protein, while low in calories… and EXCEPTIONAL in taste. I always keep a couple of boxes at the office, a few at home, and a zip lock full in my car!! Since I had gastric bypass surgery in 2006, my diet needs to be high in protein, fiber, and complex carbs, so they have been a lifesaver… particularly when my tummy is upset. Sometimes I eat them alone, but often with sharp cheddar... Yummy!! Again, thank you so much for developing and continuing to produce such a wonderful product, they are the best cracker ever!!"- Silver Spring, MD

"I have been eating healthy since 1980. I have tried hundreds of healthy snacks and have NEVER had a more enjoyable cracker. They are by far the BEST ever. I go to the store twice a week and buys 6 boxes at a time. I discovered them 1 month ago and have introduced 25 to 30 people to them." - Burlington, NC

“I have made a purchase of your crackers and I love your product.” - Pensacola, FL

“I just had to write you and “Thank you” for this baked cracker…  Thank you for a good product.  I am 85 years old…  I hope I have brought a little “sunshine” into your day, considering our serious economy – and what will take place down the road…  I’ll continue to purchase the ak-mak crackers – and tell my friends.” – Eau Claire, WI

“I just wanted to write you a short note to express my thanks for making such a great product.  I was shopping for a 100% whole wheat cracker and your box stood out on the top shelf along with several others.  I read the box cover, very interesting, and decided to purchase two boxes and give them a try.  Let me tell you was I in for a special treat.  The cracker was just delicious, so tasty and the best part for me, so healthy.  You have a repeat customer for many years to come.  Thanks again for such a great tasting cracker.  “Keep up the good work”.” – Roy, UT

“I absolutely love your stone ground sesame crackers!  They’re not only healthy but absolutely delicious and divine.  The nutritionist at my cardiology’s office recommended them several years ago.  I have since turned many of my friends on to your stellar product, and they can’t get enough of these magnificent treasures, either…  Thank you for manufacturing such a superb product.  I’m always in 7th Heaven when I indulge and treat myself to these little gems.” – Grants Pass, OR

“I love your crackers!  Ever since I discovered your delicious healthy crackers… that’s all I’ve been buying.  I even bought a box for my friends and they agree with me, it’s delicious.” – Hanover, PA

“I will always buy them every week.  Great Product.  I love them!” – North Charleston, SC

“I am writing to you to let you know how much we love your ak-mak 100% whole of the wheat, stone ground sesame crackers!  My mother is in her 90’s and I think she should know by now which cracker is the best tasting and the only one to use when she is serving cheese or a spread on it.”
– Wilton Manors, FLdo you ak-mak?

“I have been buying your crackers for a long time.  You make a very good product.” – South St. Paul, MN

“I want to thank you for very fine tasting, and high quality ak-mak crackers.  They are very fine indeed.” – Wichita, KS 

“They are just so delicious!  I really appreciate your using healthful ingredients for your product.” – Brooklyn, NY

“I am writing to you as a long time client of yours.  I feel that your crackers are some of the best tasting, highest quality and most healthful crackers on the market, today!” – Mar Vista, CA

“Many thanks for the wonderful crackers and the great ingredients you use.  Picked them off the shelf on a whim and am impressed and so pleased!” – Arden, NC

“I… care for my 90 year old mom.  She has been a diabetic for 20+ years…  I searched for whole grain foods!  I saw your crackers and bought 1 box… I used your cracker as her every 2-3 hour snack, even at 2-3 am to keep her blood sugar from fluctuating so much.  After a day of use, her blood sugar improved!!...  Thanks so much!  Your product has done wonders!” – Gulf Breeze, FL

“I came across your wonderful crackers, by word of mouth from a friend at my local gym…  Keep makings your wonderful product.” – Spokane, WA
“I smile every time I have your sesame cracker (and I smile a lot).” – Fort Lee, NJ

“I have used and enjoy your product, ak-mak, for quite some time.” – Springfield, MO

“Not only is this a healthy product, we find it to be quite delicious, and reasonably priced, too!...  I want to thank you for creating an entire line of wholesome, tasty products.  Your products are well-regarded across the nation, and we’re proud to serve them anytime!” – Boynton Beach, FL

“Compliments on your oh so good in multi-ways “100%! Whole of the Wheat, stone ground sesame crackers”!” – Massapequa Park, NY

“We were given a box of your sesame crackers.  It was so great…  Our family loved your product.” – North Hills, CA

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