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We have a winner!

Published 2/5/2019

Congratulations to Lindsay M. of Fresno, CA

My family and I have been enjoying ak-mak products for over 18 years now!

Our family loves the crackers & flat sheets so much for a snack, sandwich, or even pizzas. While both of my babies have grown up eating ak-mak it is truly one of my son’s favorite things to eat! Not only is it his snack of choice at home, but also on the go.

We have to make sure to pack a box or two of crackers, or buy it wherever we are traveling since we can find at so many different store locations. We have had them at places like Disneyland, the beach, and even while visiting New York!! He has been known to stop for a cracker break no matter where we are.

Definitely a staple in our pantry at all times.


ak-mak Bakeries

Published 4/20/2018

The ’90s faxed us and told us we needed to update our website and try out this thing called “e-commerce”, so we locked our IT department in the basement until they fixed it.

Additionally, our exclusive market research indicates that some of you use “mobile phones” or “tablets”, and that you like to buy things on these “mobile devices”. (We’re calling this “e-commerce”). Others of you would like to try some of the ak-mak varieties not often seen in stores. For all of you, check out our new mobile-friendly website and store – .

Our online store stocks ak-mak varieties that can be hard to find in stores, such as our Square Roll-Up, which is perfect for making roll-up sandwiches. We even have recipes and videos to show you how to make them – .

You’ll never be more than a mouse click (or tap) away from our crackers again.

ak-mak Bakeries

Published 1/01/18

Another year is nearly over, and what a busy one it has been! 2018 is our 125th anniversary, and we’ve been hard at work to make it a special year. (We are also trying to figure out how many crackers we’ve baked in all those years. Our initial count is “a lot.”) We are ending 2017 with some repair upgrades to our physical bakery technology. And we are hard at work on upgrading our virtual presence, with our updated website launching soon, including the much requested e-commerce site for online ordering.

You may have also noticed one of our boxes went on a road-trip to Hollywood. While it was there, it got itself cast in the new film Downsizing as a piece of furniture. We’ve seen many interesting culinary uses for ak-mak over the years, but this is the first time we’ve seen it used for furniture. (Our attorneys tell us we must add this disclaimer: “Sitting on a carton of ak-mak is not recommended and may cause injury, unless you are four inches tall.”)

We’re incredibly fortunate and grateful to have such wonderful customers as you. Because of your support, we’ve made it to Hollywood at the ripe old age of 124 and are about to celebrate our Quasquicentennial! (Yeah, we had to look that up).

Thank you all again,
All of us at ak-mak Bakeries

 ak-mak Bakeries

January 5 2017 ·

<shakes off umbrella> We wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for being a loyal ak-mak customer while the internet connection is still up. We’ve been having a rainy winter here in Central California, which, after the drought conditions of the past few years is most welcome. Still, the one minor disadvantage in being located close to the farm is our broadband can be a bit flaky, particularly when things get soggy. Being in the heart of one of the great agricultural areas on our planet is what lets us keep baking the great bread you’ve come to enjoy, so having to resort to Facebook via carrier pigeon from time-to-time is a small price to pay.

Thanks again for your continued patronage, ak-mak Bakeries

ak-mak Bakeries

January 1, 2016 ·

2015 has been another exciting year here at ak-mak. In talking to customers, we’ve discovered that many people don’t realize what goes into the process of baking our bread. So for our first post of the new year, we’re going to start with the first installment of a periodic series on how ak-mak is made.

Looking at the side of the box, you see a very short ingredient list. You might think that means the ingredients are easy to find. Actually, the opposite is true. Having so few ingredients means that each one must be of the highest quality possible. And since we use certified organic whole wheat there are far fewer suppliers. You’ll notice that whole wheat (which is the ‘whole of the wheat’) is displayed prominently on our packaging, as it is the heart of the product. Our wheat does not simply come from one field or one farmer. To get you that trademark taste and crunch, we are very selective about our certified organic whole wheat flour and have some secret family genius ingenuity such as – oops, legal won’t let me finish that sentence! Since wheat changes from harvest to harvest, we have to constantly test our supply to make sure we consistently deliver you the same great ak-mak crackers you’ve grown to expect.

That’s our first behind-the-scenes look at the making of ak-mak. We’ll continue this series, but we’d love to hear your feedback about what you’d like to learn about our product. Thank you again for being our loyal customers!

ak-mak Bakeries

January 1, 2015 ·

A tribute about our much loved HAGOP SOOJIAN……..
Hagop was born on January 5, 1924, in Worcester, Massachusetts. His family moved to California in 1936. Hagop graduated from Fresno Technical High School in 1941, and continued in the family baking business, ak-mak Bakeries. Hagop, along with his older brother Manoog have worked continuously, to build ak-mak from a small struggling local bakery into a nationally recognized brand and local institution. Hagop was a visionary far ahead of his time, which he demonstrated by designing, engineering, and building the intricate automated baking system for the product lines. His love of photography also aided in his designing of the packaging for all the products. His drive and perfectionism lead to his putting in long hours for most of his life; he was actively working in the bakery daily almost until the end of his life. Even in his final weeks he was assisting operations with his knowledge of the entire baking process from properties of wheat, formulations, baking profiles and packaging. His knowledge of the entire baking process was unparalleled. In his scant free time, Hagop was an avid amateur photographer, cinematographer and enjoyed telling stories. Hagop was a generous spirit who loved people and spent his entire life as a Christian minister speaking with people about God’s kingdom and its blessings for the future of mankind.
He will be greatly missed by all of us.

ak-mak Bakeries

January 1, 2015 ·

As we look back on the previous year and forward to the new one, we wanted to share and update you on recent happenings here at ak-mak. We’ve continued our investment of time and resources into finding the best possible ingredients for you and your family. Our team – and family – has unfortunately gotten smaller, with our co-founder Hagop Soojian passing away this November shortly before he turned 91. He had been active in ak-mak all of his life, and was instrumental in delivering the cracker we all love. We go into the new year sad, but committed to following the standard of excellence he set, knowing that he would not allow the name “ak-mak” to appear on anything less than the very best. We will be posting a brief tribute to Hagop later today.
From our family to yours we appreciate all our loyal customers

ak-mak Bakeries

January 1, 2014 ·

A Message to All Our Valued Customers:

Your support has enabled our family to continue baking the highest quality bread for over 120 years. As we look forward to another busy year, we want to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your continued support. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and the reason we push ourselves to produce the highest quality products possible.
We appreciate your loyalty and your continuing to welcome us into your home,
All of us here at ak-mak Bakeries