Lagniappe – Golden Tickets

We know you can and we are going to make it worth your while. You see we were brainstorming for a way to show appreciation for our great customers when we said “Hey wouldn’t it be a great idea to give away $125 worth of our products – $1. for every year we have been in business”. We want to make it a once-in-125-year deal so we are going to pay the shipping as well, that could be worth as much as $125.00 or more, for a total of $250.00 or more!

In order to show our appreciation, we put 4 Golden Tickets in with our products. Those who find those tickets and follow the instructions contained therein will receive the products of their choice. Our finance department didn’t like this idea, but we like our customers better than our finance department.

Four of our customers are going to find those Golden tickets. We want you to be one of them, so please, get to looking, tell your friends and family. We are going to notify everyone we can as well. The more people you get to help you hunt for those Golden Tickets the better chance of finding one, and if someone finds one because you told them about this golden opportunity then undoubtedly, they would share with you, wouldn’t they?