How to store product?

  • Keep in cool, dry place
  • Be sure to keep out of humidity
  • If not consumed within 3 weeks of purchase, freezing the product will ensure freshness

Do you make other products besides ak-mak whole wheat sesame cracker 4.15 oz?

Yes. For a full listing see our products pages.

Do any of your products contain preservatives?

No. All of our products contain absolutely no preservatives.

Do any of your products contain trans fats?

No. There is absolutely no trans fat in any of our products.

Do you use any organically grown or certified organic ingredients?

Yes. Our whole wheat flour is certified organic. Several other ingredients are organic, but may not be listed as such.

Is your facility peanut free?

Yes. Due to inquiries about our products and the current health concerns with the peanut processing industry, we decided it would be best to inform our customers directly. We have sought and obtained written confirmation, from our suppliers and raw materials vendors, that none of our products’ raw materials are ever processed in any facilities where peanuts are also processed. As our customers already know, our products do not use any peanuts or any ingredients derived from peanuts, and no peanuts are ever processed in our facility. Please continue to enjoy our naturally healthy flat breads and crackers.

How can I find your products?

Please see our Shop, for a partial list of stores that carry our products. Many grocery, health, and gourmet markets carry some or all of our products. If unable to find our products in your area you may contact us.

Can your products be purchased directly from you?

We are a wholesale manufacturer and as such sell international to distributors and wholesalers. If a retailer or consumer would prefer to purchase direct they may contact us via Wholesale Inquiry.

Are there any restrictions in purchasing through DMO?

Retailers must meet certain criteria. Both retailers and consumers must comply with parameters set out to be able to order direct.

Do you have sales promotions or offer coupons?

To insure that our customers get the best value possible, we prefer to sustain the lowest pricing possible continuously. Sales promotions and coupons cost a considerable amount of money and resources to implement, and then additional costs to administer. It is our desire to provide the highest quality affordable product available to the health conscious consumer. This philosophy also aids in another area we feel strongly about and that is to not abuse the environment through the unnecessary use of printed materials such as coupons, advertisements, mailings, etc. Often there are promotional products on our website.