The following is a brief summary of some of our product line:

Organically Grown “Whole of the Wheat” flour Cracker

ak-mak sesame crackers are made with certified organically grown “Whole of the Wheat” flour. In manufacturing ak-mak, we bring to our customers wheat of the highest quality that is available on the American market without preservatives. The organically grown kernel of wheat is ground, then all of the ground whole wheat is blended into a complete whole wheat flour, nothing added, nothing removed. In addition, only the purest ingredients of: sesame oil, sesame seed, U.S. Grade AA butter, clover honey, yeast and salt are carefully selected to ensure the highest grade of quality and once again resulting in very costly ingredients. These factors combined with ak-mak’s unexcelled quality throughout the century has made ak-mak the Gold Medallion/Blue Ribbon Winner multiple times. ak-mak is available in the following packaging:

  • 4.15 oz carton
  • or packed in an institutional wrap (2 crackers) also referred to as Restaurant style.

Armenian Round Cracker Bread

The traditional 3,000 year old round shape of Armenian cracker bread was introduced by the Soojian Family in the United States over over a century ago. Once again ak-mak brings to its customers the highest grade of quality flour (not preserved, bleached or bromated) and positively no preservatives. Available in the following three varieties:

  • White Flour with sesame seeds
  • White Flour without sesame seeds
  • Organically grown Whole Wheat with sesame seeds

Country Style “Organically grown Whole Wheat” or Country Style “White Flour” Cracker Bread

A new look was introduced to the original 3,000 year old round shaped Armenian cracker bread, it is better known as “Country Style”, which was produced in a new, more efficient rectangular shape for ease of use in preparing rolled sandwiches or for a pizza base. It was also designed in a new “protected package” for maintaining freshness and for handling. The whole wheat ingredients are the same as the ak-mak, however, this 13 oz. package is produced in 8”x11” sheets that are a bit denser and thicker than ak-mak and are not scored. The Country Style Whole Wheat has also been honored as a Gold Medallion Winner multiple times. The Country Style White is prepared with the highest quality of enriched white flour and also without preservatives, bleaches or bromates. Country Style is available in the following varieties:

  • White Flour with sesame seeds 
  • Organically grown Whole of the Wheat flour with sesame seeds

Square Roll-Up

This is another variety of white flour cracker bread without sesame seeds for the purpose of making rolled sandwiches, better known as Square Roll-Up. This is produced in sheets approximately 16 1/2 x 14 and is made up of the same high quality ingredients: enriched white flour, not bleached or bromated and without preservatives. Square Roll-Up has a slightly thicker texture for moistening which creates ease in rolling your gourmet sandwich of any type.

  • White Flour without sesame seeds

All of the above makes ak-mak the best tasting, most naturally nutritious certified organic whole of the wheat cracker and cracker breads on the market. The Soojian TRADEMARK has always been UNEXCELLED QUALITY… and continues to be so to this present time. Their goal and commitment is to continue providing their customers with the best Armenian cracker bread of the purest, highest grade of quality that all families have enjoyed throughout the centuries.